What are the real benefits of an Adult subscription box and why have they become so popular?

Have you been wondering what the latest craze in adult subscription boxes is all about? Then let us enlighten you.

While some of our customers may well be used to the concept of subscription boxes, there are people out there who haven’t come across the idea before. As such, you may be here to gain an understanding of the positives of subscribing to one. Around the globe people have been embracing the subscription box approach; whether that be makeup, food and now, sex toys.

If you’re a newcomer, your first question might be ‘what exactly is an adult subscription box?’ followed by ‘why are they becoming so popular?’ Read ahead for our answers to these questions.

What exactly is an adult subscription box?

Subscription boxes come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, prices, and frequencies. Our adult boxes offer desirable products that give personal experiences, in our case, sex toys and adult pleasure products. Curation subscriptions are the largest types of subscription boxes, this is due to the ability to make use of products over and over again, which is why our adult subscription boxesare such a good idea.

Sex toy subscription boxes are perfect for discovering new levels of pleasure and excitement with a mystery element behind it. Perfect for the experimental couple or individual, and for the ones that need the nudge to try something new. The boxes include sex toy products varying between dildos, vibrators, butt plugs, light bondage toys, and sexual wellbeing gifts; all being delivered to your home on a monthly basis.

So why are they becoming so popular?

Why now, more than ever, are sex toy subscription boxes so popular for consumers? There are numerous reasons as to why this sector has blown up over the past year, one predominant reason is the fact that it’s all online. This means you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home or, in fact your bed, to purchase them. Right now, the thought of actual retail shopping is anything but pleasurable; making the online purchasing element such a big factor on its own. Because why would you want to get all hot and bothered, wearing a face mask and trying to socially distance; whilst trying to decide which dildo you want to purchase for that evening?

Now onto something that is precious to all of us, time. By being able to order a box from your own home means you save valuable time that you could be utilising elsewhere. You don’t have to stress about finding the time to get to the shop and narrow down which toy or piece of bondage equipment you want to select. Using a subscription box service allows you to have a number of great products already chosen for you.

Which brings me onto the third and final point; which is the decision-making process. Consumers can sometimes feel overloaded by choice and information, consequently walking away without purchasing anything. Gone are the days of struggling to find the correct sex toys with the best quality, people are so drawn to subscribing to a sex toy box because it puts it all in one place for them to enjoy, to their surprise.

You’re not only saving time, but you’re getting your products handpicked by industry experts who ensure you not only receive the best value, but quality too. If our adult subscription boxes sound like something that would be of interest to you then head over to our subscription page now to start your monthly sex toy experience. Head over to our subscription page now to sign up to your monthly box! Or take a look at our instagram for insights into sexual wellbeing facts and tips.

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