Trying Out Vibrators: A Guide to Finding What’s Right for You

If you’re just beginning your self pleasure journey, trying out vibrators sure is an eye opener. From bullets to rabbits, the choice is endless and that can make what should be a liberating experience suddenly feel quite daunting! At Satisfied Box, we believe that finding the right vibrator should be a fun and exciting personal adventure. So, here is our guide to help you on your journey to finding what’s right for you.

What’s the Best Vibrator?

The short answer to this is there isn’t one. It really depends on the user. What might work for one person, might not for the next. Just because one vibrator is a ‘best-seller’ or ‘popular’, it doesn’t mean it will necessarily be the perfect sex toy for you. You know yourself better than anyone else, so if you’re not sure what floats your boat, now’s the time to get personal!

Many women find discussing vibrators a little embarrassing, let alone trying to discover what one they might like. There’s nothing to feel shy about, masturbation and pleasure is completely natural and normal! Take the time to discover what feels good for you. Maybe you prefer clitoral stimulation of penetrative pleasure? Perhaps you like a lot of pressure or a faster speed? Well, there’s a vibrator for all of it. Once you’re pretty sure of what can bring to orgasm, you can get trying out vibrators!


It’s true what they say, size matters! And when we say that, we mean finding the perfect fit for you. A word of wisdom, we wouldn’t recommend going for the biggest, thickest vibrator out there to start off with. There are so many sizes available, so do a little research before trying out vibrators.

The smallest vibrator tends to come in the form of a bullet. These are great because they’re discreet to stash away in a drawer, but also provide maximum pleasure and precise stimulation. Many women use a bullet vibrator clitorally but depending on how sensitive their anatomy is, it can be inserted.

There are plenty of vibrator sizes in between, with all devices stating their length and width on the packaging, but on the larger end of the scale, you’ll find rabbits. These offer both penetrative and clitoral stimulation – notably through their ‘rabbit ears’ (Google it, you’ll see what we mean!). They come in a vast range of longer and thicker sizes.

Types to Consider

We’ve briefly touched on Bullet and Rabbit vibrators above, and here are some of our other favourites.

Wand Vibrator: These are great for clitoral and vulva stimulation through massage. They are a medium size device, displaying a few settings, perfect for experimentation.

Suction Vibrators: These game changers focus on pulsing directly on the clitoris. The suction like sensation mimics oral sex, intensifying orgasm.

G-Spot Vibrator: These curved massagers are longer in length because they have to reach the all-important G-spot. It’s a hard to reach erogenous zone, located on the front wall of the vagina. We wouldn’t recommend this one for beginners, as it takes a little bravery and innovation.


When trying out vibrators, consider the different materials and textures you can get. From ribbed, to silky smooth and jelly rubber to plastic, there are lots of options. The most popular material used though, is silicone. It’s soft and skin safe, and it’s slight pliability means its super comfortable. Easy to clean and pairs wonderfully with lube – a winner in our eyes.


There are many settings on offer; from speed, to the way the vibrator is powered. Again, go back to what you know will satisfy you. Most vibrators have a few different settings on them, so if you’re looking for variety, you should be covered whatever you pick.

Battery powered vibrators tend to be the cheapest and most popular because of their portability. Rechargeable toys are a little more expensive, but it means that you can crack on at any time, without having to worry about the batteries running out. They’re also a little more cost effective because you avoid the ongoing expense of battery replacement.

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