Toys To Try In Bed: A Beginners Guide

It’s the start of a new year and with a fresh start comes some new resolutions. Maybe you’ve decided it’s time to spice things up in the bedroom? A brilliant way to get your creative juices flowing is to indulge in time experimenting with sex toys together.

Many of the best sex accessories are some of the most basic. You’d be surprised at how many couples think that good sex involves making as much noise as possible whilst attempting as many compromising positions as they can. Yes, this might work for some couples, but this isn’t always what spicing it up in the bedroom means.

Back To Basics

Firstly, it’s important to strip things back and really tune into each other's bodies between the sheets. Watch the physical reaction the other has to different types of pleasure and ask your partner aloud what feels good. Communication plays a huge part in great sex.

Talk to each other about the types of connection that makes you feel sexy, what parts of your body turn you on when touched? Talking about this is not only extremely hot, but it’ll help you to gain a better understanding of what you’re both looking for in your new bedroom venture.

New Year, New Toys

If you haven’t used a sex toy before, it’s no biggie. Now is the time to experiment - happy new year indeed! Beyond taking your orgasm to new heights, the right sex toy can help you learn so much about both your sexual desires. Sex toys can add a spark of fresh excitement to your relationship. There are hundreds of different pleasure toys on the market today; here are some of thebest toys for couples taking the leap of faith for the first time!

Vibrator - A classic. In our opinion, you just can’t go wrong with a vibrator. There are many different types, so consider exactly what you want from your new toy. There are different materials and sizes, so talk about the kind of stimulation you want - vibrators are great for encouraging communication into your sex life.

If you’re feeling a little nervous, you can talk about what you’re experiencing. Discuss the speed, angles and vibration patterns you like - you’ll be right in the moment in no time. Additionally, a vibrator can double up as a back and neck massager to get you both in the mood before you get down to it!

Cock Ring - A popular sex toy for men, a vibrating cock ring will give him a stronger and harder erection by sending blood flow to the penis. If you’re a girl who likes to ride cowgirl, this could be a game changer! Whilst you’re on top, the vibrations can target your clitoris for extra stimulation - helping you both to reach intense orgasm.

Handcuffs - If you’re feeling a little more daring, handcuffs could be your calling. One of the tamer toys used for BDSM scenes, they are a lot of fun and can introduce a completely different element to your sexual relationship. We’re not saying you have to re-enact Fifty Shades Of Grey, but research scenarios that get you both riled up. Pleasuring your partner whilst they’re cuffed to the bed will spice things up in a seductive way! We suggest a sturdy, leather cuff that has a soft, faux fur interior to ensure maximum comfort whilst you expand your exploration.

Subscribe To Try

Make sure you choose what’s right for you both, sex toys have to be something you feel comfortable with. Everyone’s preferences are different, so if you’re unsure, what better way to ring in the new year than with an adult subscription box?

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