To Plug or Not to Plug: Getting Started with Butt Plugs

It’s a lot of people’s fantasy to have some fun with a small glass butt plug. The idea of getting on with your day whilst being constantly stimulated is, quite frankly, exciting. Who doesn’t think about it every now and then? There’s a whole range of options to choose from, from twisted plugs to ribbed, beaded or even just your classic plug. Now, technology is coming to the fore, you can even get an anal stimulator that you can control by Bluetooth! Talk about socially distanced sex!

Not So Sure About Glass?

Okay, we get it. The idea of having something glass inside you is scary! But one of the first things to know, it will not break in you. It is genuinely more likely to break outside than in. If you’re considering it, then a small glass butt plug can combine the perfect mix of pleasure and aesthetic, you might even consider keeping it proudly on your shelf.

It’s a super-efficient and discreet way to satisfy not only yourself, but your partner too! Knowing your other half is getting on with their day, but you can look at them and know they’re hiding a small glass butt plug underneath those jeans is hot.

Starting with A Plug

The key to butt plug play is relaxation. If you’re tense, or nervous, it’s not going to feel good at all. As with most sex toys, don’t be afraid to use lube. You’ll really want to do some research and not go cheap with your first butt plug - as with any sex toy! Do make sure that it’s safe for genital and anal use, whether its silicone, steel or glass. Butt plugs are often sold as novelties, so even though you can get them very cheap, we wouldn’t recommend it. Also, don’t let your imagination run away with size choices. Even if you are not an anal newbie, you’ll want to make sure that the anal stimulator will be comfortable for you. If in doubt, go small.

Ways to Make the Most of It

Certainly, one of the easiest ways to have some (subtle) fun, using a small glass butt plug in your escapades will spice up with sex life outside of the bedroom! One thing we suggest is playing out a fantasy with your partner. Perhaps you could play it as a secret, and just (try to) get on with your day-to-day activities whilst enjoying the sensation. Try wearing it around the house whilst wearing your everyday clothes.

You could even venture outside, no-one would know! Try going to a bar with your partner, taking them to dinner, or even to a private sauna. Then, when you get home, the temptation will be too much!

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