Tips to Keep Him Satisfied This National Boyfriend Day

Updated: Oct 5

With national boyfriend day on 3rd October, Satisfied Box is taking a look at some of the romantic gestures you can show him this week! If you forgot all about NBD, then continue reading, grab some ideas and be sure to treat him with your newfound knowledge this weekend!

All About the Boy

Hands up if national boyfriend day completely slipped you mind? To be honest, it’s been a busy few months for many of us, especially now that things have started to go back to some sort of normality. Don’t worry though, here at Satisfied Box, we’ve got you covered! With our top tips and tricks, we’ll help you to create an evening he’ll always remember!

The Little Things

We all like to feel appreciated. So, what better time than now? Appreciation looks different for every person. But, as partner, you can show it in various ways. Think about what your man likes. Would they appreciate a meal? Maybe a small gift to show your gratitude? Perhaps it’s a cosy evening by the fire? Keep in mind that it doesn’t always have to be extravagant to make an impact. A heartfelt gesture comes in many different shapes and sizes…


Now, they say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. We don’t know if that’s strictly true, but there’s nothing quite as romantic as a home cooked, candle lit meal. Maybe you could recreate the meal you had on your first date? Was the mezze you had on your first holiday a memorable meal worth duplicating? You could even take into account his favourite food and make a classic, favourite dish of his – simple! Whatever you decide, this gesture certainly won’t go amiss. Those finishing touches will help to make all the difference, so consider having a playlist you know he likes in the background, pair dinner with a bottle of his favourite wine and garnish the table with anything from flowers to confetti!


How about creating a cosy at home cinema? Popcorn and your favourite drinks in front of the TV with one of his favourite films to keep him satisfied! Get the throws, the blankets, the cushions and make yourself at home! That’s one perk your home cinema has over your local – ultimate comfort! You can sprawl out and enjoy some real downtime together. He’ll be chuffed that you’re taking time out to indulge in his favourite films with him.


When the night is over, treat him to one last surprise. You guessed it… nothing finishes off a cosy evening like good, sensual sex. Light some candles, get the feel-good music on, lay down the fresh bedding and don’t forget some flavoured lube! Start with a sensual massage and really build up the experience for him (and you!). Steamy foreplay, mixed with some edgeplay will ensure a mind blowing climax for you both. Feel free to dress up for the occasion, wear your best underwear, try a silky robe – treat him to what you know keeps him satisfied.

If you’re planning a hot session this weekend – why not order some sex toys? There are so many different toys available to please your man. From prostate massagers to cock rings, trust us when we say that there is something for everyone! You just have to be sure of what your partner will appreciate, after all it is national boyfriend day.

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