The Essential Guide to Cleaning Your Couples Toys

We’re all for getting down and dirty, but lets address the fine line between the flirty kind of dirty and the other, involving personal hygiene.

If you’re experiencing the pleasures of couples toys, or any kind of sex toy, it’s important that you know exactly how to clean to them. It’ll enhance your sexual venture, leaving you feeling fresh, confident and sexy.

Spritzing your self pleasure toys is easy and simple, and only takes a couple of minutes. Proper aftercare means they’ll last a lot longer; that’s a win win if you ask us. Here are our quick, top tips to keep you feeling satisfied with every use.

Fresh, Fragrance Free

Depending on the type of sex toy you have, determines how it should be cleaned. Start by taking a look at what it’s made of. Many sex toys are silicone based, a material that is very easy to clean. Materials like cyberskin, jelly rubber, or hard plastic, are slightly more porous, so less water will need to be used in the cleaning process. If you want to make sure these materials stay fresher for longer, wrap them in a condom if you’re sharing when using.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking you need to slather your devices in soap and anti-bac to properly clean them. Less is more in this case; using too much soap will damage your couples toys. We suggest sticking to fragrance free soap to avoid malfunction and more importantly, any personal irritation.

You can also purchase sex toy cleaning sprays that are specially formulated to clean self pleasure toys without ruining them. They're not too expensive, either. So whether you've put a lot of money into your collection, or you simply want to make your toys last as long as possible, consider investing in a sex toy cleaning spray.

When To Submerge

It’s pretty self explanatory, but if your sex toy is motorised - battery powered or a cord - neversubmerge it in water. It’s a recipe for disaster that results in a broken toy, and a very frustrated you. Motorised toys should be cleaned with mild soap and a hot damp cloth.

If your chosen toys are made out of more durable material like silicone and are not motorised, then you should be submerging them in hot water for a thorough cleanse. Letting your toy sit in the water for a few minutes is your best bet for a deep clean.

It Will Only Take A Minute

We would recommend washing you toys before and after you use them. This might seem excessive, but if you assume your toy is safe to use, because you washed it the night before, you could end up putting yourself at risk of an infection. It’s easy to spread bacteria and trust us, you won’t be feeling your sexy self when you’re aggitated and sore down below. Taking a moment to santise is always worth it.

When drying off your couples toys, it’s important that you use a super clean towel, or maybe fresh paper towel to dab them dry. Don’t use your regular hand towel. These bad boys are definitely holding some bacteria hostage, so it’s better to have a separate towel for ultimate cleanliness and peace of mind! Make sure your toys are completely dry before storing them because damp opens up an opportunity for mold and mildew growth. Not only will this ruin your toys, but no one wants to rub that on or inside of themselves. Storing them in their own sanitised case or bag after washing, will ensure that those germs stay away before you play.

Taking these small precautions will benefit you and your partner. Knowing you’re not about to give yourself some kind of infection can only work in your favour and make the whole experience hotter, right?

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