The Best Sex Toys for Men

If you’re looking for a stronger more satisfying orgasm, a sex toy can take things to new heights, whether you’re playing solo or with a partner. Today, 20% of males worldwide are using sex toys for men, which is the highest it’s been in the last decade. It’s clear that sex toys are making an impact, and for those who haven’t tried them yet, often it’s a case of not knowing where to start. So, we thought we’d help out and cover a few of the best toys out there.

Chose Carefully

Choosing your sex toy is down to personal preference. What might feel incredible for one man, might be anti-climactic for the next. You know your body better than anyone else, so take time to explore your options and consider exactly what floats your boat. For some men, prostate stimulation is a must, for others, it’s about having their balls massaged. We’re all different and there’s nothing wrong with your preferences, so don’t let any self-consciousness put you off the ultimate orgasm.

Vibrating Cock Sleeve

This ingenious one-size-fits-all device fits over the head of the penis to deliver powerful vibration to this super-sensitive area. Usually made from silicone, they are comfortable, flexible and adjustable. Most devices come with a remote control so you can adapt the speed settings for pleasure in the palm of your hands.

Prostate Massager

Specifically designed for male pleasure, a prostate massager is classed as one of the best sex toys for men. Before trying a massager, we recommend exploring your ‘P-spot’ with your fingers first, but whatever feels right for you! Most prostate massagers have a tapered tip for ease of insertion and a rounded head to ensure direct stimulation. Slightly larger devices are in fact better for beginners because they find your P-spot much more easily than the smaller devices.

Be sure to position yourself comfortably, either on your back with your legs raised or bent over on a bed or sofa. Lubricate your device and carefully insert into your anus. Your prostate is about 2 inches inside you and swells when you are aroused, so at this point, it shouldn’t be too difficult to find. Go slow and steady with a gentle circular motion to start off. Many people find that firm pressure brings them closer (or all the way) to orgasm. You might also like to try an up-and-down motion, where the toy strokes over the prostate gland rapidly, for more intense stimulation.


This little accessory is a game changer. A small, circular silicone tube, perfect for use with a partner. It’s made to cover your lower shaft, so that when you partner is using their mouth on you, it feels like a constant and sensual deepthroat session. You can manually move the silicone ring up and down at different speeds to add to the experience.

Cock Ring

A cock ring is one of the most reputable sex toys for men and for good reason. With a design for everyone on the market, it can aid you to stay harder for longer. The vibrations feel incredible on your penis or balls and can intensify an orgasm with ease. You can wear your cock ring in many different ways, depending on the stimulation you want.


It’s always a good idea to invest in lube when using sex toys for men. Not only does it enhance the whole sexual experience, but it adds to easy and comfortable insertion. There are hundreds of lubes on the market, from fruity flavours to tingling sensations, you won’t regret investing in a bottle or two.

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