The Best Sex Accessories: Easy and Affordable Options to Add to The Bedroom

Let’s not beat around the bush, we all want to have the best sex possible right? Whether it’s solo or with a partner, finding not only the most comfortable but the best sex accessories to suit you should be high on your priority list.

Here at Satisfied Box, we wanted to outline our favourite sex accessories, why you should take the plunge and how they can enhance your sexual experience. They’re simple to get hold of, easy to try and affordable. It’s worth noting that all of these options are appropriate for any kind of sex! Hooray!


In our opinion, it’s not only one of the best sex accessories out there, but also one of the most underrated. There’s a common misconception that lube doesn’t do thatmuch. It’s simple, wetter sex is better sex and there are lots of different types to try. From silicone based to water based, it’ll make your sexual experience tantalising, you just have to find what one is right for you.

We’ll be honest, sometimes the natural taste of lubricant is not everyone’s preference, so we’d recommend looking into some flavoured ones if you’re planning on a taste.

If you find lube a little too wet, try orgasm balm. It’s silky smooth but denser. It’s great for stimulating areas like the clitoris or nipples to increase your sensual experience.

Personal Massager

These game changers have recently increased in popularity and there’s a good reason why. They really promote sexual understanding and awareness for you and your partner. Feel free to use this solo, but it can also be great as a couple’s toy too! Made from velvet soft silicone, it neatly fits inside the vagina, hitting all the pleasure points. It’s great for penetrative sex or can even be used as a massage bar. Enjoy all four speed settings to spice things up even more.

Massage Candle

Up the ante with a candle that melts into oil-based skin wax! If you’re looking for a steamy build up, it’s one of the best sex accessories to enhance a sensual experience. From coconut to lavender, they’re available in many scents, so not only do they smell incredible, they make for an erotic massage.

A Plug

A plug is designed with comfort in mind. They’re great for beginners and can vary in size, with some even extending as you become more advanced. They’re typically one of the best sex accessories for anal penetration, so are shorter than a dildo. They come in a variety of materials, the most popular being silicone and more curiously, glass. With a flanged end to prevent your plug from wandering astray, they’re the perfect partnership when mixed with lube.


In our opinion, you just can’t go wrong with a trusty vibrator. Perfect for solo indulgence or getting down to it with your partner, they bring the ultimate pleasure to the party. There are many to choose from and all are suitable for both men and women in penetrative and non-penetrative forms. If you’re looking for a little more excitement in the bedroom, it’s a great gateway to experimentation. You can get to know your body in a whole different way by trying different angles, pressure points and of course through the heaven sent settings on your buzzy bae.

It just goes to show that some of the best sex accessories are the simplest. We hope we have given you some exciting ideas to try! If you’d like even more variety, subscribe to our monthly subscription box. We specialise in sexual wellbeing gifts and toys, so you can find out exactly what you like. Take a look at our Instagram for more information or sign up today.

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