The Best Adult Subscription Boxes

An adult monthly box is still a relatively new concept, but over the craziness of the last year, they have gained a lot of popularity and we’re not surprised! With three lockdowns behind us and a global pandemic ongoing, there hasn’t exactly been a lot to do. So, people have been shamelessly experimenting with the best adult subscription boxes. What better time to do it?!

Now, if you’re new to the idea, it’s just like a regular monthly subscription box, but better! You’ve probably heard of subscription boxes for beauty, skin care, and even food ranges. In our opinion, an adult box is far more exciting, and as a brand that supports the industry, we thought we’d list some of the best sex boxes out there.

The Goddess Project

The ultimate gift of sexiness, or a little treat for yourself! The Goddess project is an online lingerie boutique created to help women feel like the goddesses they are. They offer a 3-6-month subscription in which you receive hand-picked, luxury lingerie each month. The lingerie outfits include a matching bra and brief set, but can also be a nightdress, a robe or a camisole with French knickers. Each box retails at around £60 and a range of high-end brands is included. Your pieces arrive in your size, within 48 hours (signed for delivery) in a bespoke gift box, starting at £39.99. It’s something different and one of the most unique, best adult subscription boxes available.

Teaser Box

Teaser Box is a fun and unique way of exploring tailored sex toys, whilst ensuring an element of surprise. They offer a rolling subscription of £25 a month, and you can hand pick the type of box you want, to suit your preference. For example, a female to female box, a solo box, a male to female box etc. You get a selection of different toys each month, based on what you select. Delivered discreetly to your door and perfect to send as gift, or as an indulgent treat, it’s an easy way to add a little excitement to the bedroom. Value wise, it’s one of the best adult subscription boxes on the market.

Feeling Foxy

Feeling Foxy is tailored for couples who might want to try something new, but don’t have the time to browse websites, or shop in-store to work out what they want to try. This subscription box is delivered bi-monthly (every 8 weeks) and costs £40 for the standard playtime box, which includes 4 toys or £85 for the ‘more playtime’ box, including 6 toys. The boxes are a complete surprise, so you can’t select a preference of products beforehand. From bondage toys to vibrators, there’s plenty of choice that you can get each month. Next day delivery is included with your saucy surprises.

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We hope you’ve enjoyed a closer look at some of our favourite adult monthly boxes. At Satisfied Box, we offer a monthly subscription combining sexual selfcare and sensual moments. Each month, you will be sent a range of sexual wellbeing gifts, toys and much more to enjoy by yourself or with a partner. We take the hassle out of shopping, and our experts provide you with a wonderful selection of treats to not only spark intimacy, but promote self-love. For more information visit our website or for any advice, contact us here

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