Sex Toy Subscription Box: Ensuring Your Firework Night Goes Off with A Bang

Remember, remember the 5th of November! Yes, it’s that time of year again! Firework night is upon us, which means it’s time to cuddle up and cosy down! But what happens when the fireworks are over? Well, they don’t have to be… A sex toy subscription box is the perfect way to ensure your bonfire night goes off with bang. Here at Satisfied Box, we are sex toy experts, so let us delve into making your firework one to remember!

What is a Sex Toy Subscription Box?

It’s a little rocket of pleasure for you to enjoy solo or with a partner! Our sex toy subscription box offers lots of sex toys and sexual wellbeing gifts for you to try. This means that you can discover exactly what you like, knowing that there is something new to try next month. The timely delivery of our boxes mean you will never go without; they’re also discreet and affordable.

The Perfect Excuse

At this time at year, there’s nothing better than snuggling down for the evening. After you’ve watched your firework display, continue the fun with our sex toy subscription box. A seasonal festivity calls for something a little out of the ordinary, don’t you think? Our sex toys will encourage you to push the boundaries. Mix things up a little and really get to know your partners’ body. Turn each other on using your collection of sex toys. Try using those that vibrate on other erogenous zones, such as the inner thighs and nipples - it’ll work a treat.

A Slow Burner

Don’t rush things - take your time. Sometimes it’s good to take a step back before jumping straight in. Sex without a lead up can sometimes be a little too much too soon. Taking time to rile each other up will result in hot, sensual sex. Sounds good right?

Positions to Make Sparks Fly

After the build-up, you can let loose and indulge in whatever feels good with your sex toy subscription box! If you need some inspiration though, try these fire cracking positions!

The Rocket Launcher

It’s slightly tricky, but once you’re in position, it’s sure to make sparks fly. If you’re the rocket that’s set to launch, lay on your tummy spread your legs and have your partner to stand behind you and in between them. They’ll then grips your hips, and you’ll wrap your legs around them for deep penetration. Use your arms to leverage yourself back and forth, or let your partner use their own body weight behind you, if you like it rough!

The Full Display

Have your partner lay on their back and handcuff them to the bed. You can tie their ankles too if you’re feeling ultra-adventurous. Slowly squat on top of your partner and spread your legs. You’ll both be on full display, making this position so exciting. Whoever is on top will have all the control, so be sure to explore your partner’s whole body.

The Catherine Wheel

It wouldn’t be firework night without a Catherine Wheel! If done well, it’ll certainly heat things up. Both you and your partner sit down in front of one another. Lean back slightly and wrap your legs around your partner’s midriff. Your partner should also lean back and enter you slowly, then position their legs into frog pose underneath you, encompassing your bottom. Brace yourselves on your elbows and thrust away, trying various speeds! You’ll get a fantastic view of the explosive action.

Get in Touch

If you’d like to try a sex toy subscription box to make sure your firework night goes off with a bang, then we’d love to hear from you! Contact us here or for more information, head over to our Instagram.

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