Self-pleasure toys: is female sexual liberation still a taboo subject?

Typically, over the years the topic of women’s sexual desires and needs have been a taboo subject. However female sexual liberation is on the rise thanks to self-pleasure toys.

A recent study showed British women masturbate on average 2.5 times a week. More and more companies are recognising the rise in female sexual empowerment and the need to create more products to satisfy these needs. The aim around this is to alleviate the stigma around the subject and educate everyone.

Behind the scenes, retailers can see the importance of investing and supporting the normalisation of sexual health and wellbeing. This is because it is shown to improve self confidence by around 80% and increase overall happiness by up to 60%. However, despite all of this, the majority of ladies still don’t feel completely comfortable talking about female pleasure and intimate health.

How is the topic becoming normalised?

The increased conversations and tools aimed around female satisfaction are designed to shift the mindset away from the typical pornographic idealisation of sex, that most individuals have growing up. Businesses, such as high street chemist and beauty brand Boots, have started to do this by making sex toys mainstream. How? By including them as part of your daily routine, like you would wash your hair or take off your makeup. By doing this it breaks the stigma around the subject, making it more approachable and much less intimidating than it is to go down to a sex shop and pick out a vibrator.

This is why our adult subscription boxes have such an advantage, as you can order a box from the comfort of your bed, straight to your front door. Our subscription boxes are the perfect combination of sexual self-care and sensual moments. Ideal for couples looking to inject some sexual spark into their relationship or for those wishing to indulge into self-pleasure toys. Each month you will be sent a range of sexual wellbeing gifts and pleasure toys, to enjoy with your loved one or on your own.

The benefits of self-pleasure toys

Body confidence

When you learn the ins and outs of your own body, literally, you gain a better appreciation and understanding for it. The human body is an amazing piece of kit, just the fact that the clit is there to stem personal pleasure, in itself, in extraordinary. People who masturbate regularly are more likely to feel positive about their looks and their body, than those that don’t. Self-pleasuretoysallow you to experiment with different sensations and stimulations, showing you what feels good.

Improved sleep

Sleep is essential to us functioning day in, day out. It helps to build our immune system, heightens our cognitive skills and helps to lower depression and anxiety. Sex and masturbation can assist with insomnia, as when we masturbate it releases oxytocin and endorphins which helps people to feel calmer and experience less stress. Both men and women report feeling better after incorporating some sort of self-pleasure into their night-time routine.

Feel-good mood

Masturbation releases dopamine, a chemical related to pleasure that is released inside your body. In simple terms dopamine makes you feel good and puts you in a happier mood once released. On top of that, during an orgasm a hormone called oxytocin is released, which lowers anxiety and heightens feelings of love and well-being. So really, self-pleasure is an all-round winner!

If you would like to be opened up to the world of self-pleasure toys and all of the benefits that go along with it, then head over to our subscription page now to sign up to a monthly box of satisfying sex toys and well-being gifts. Or take a look at our instagram for insights into sex tips and facts.

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