Self Pleasure Toys: How Do I Have a Hands-Free Orgasm?

From nipplegasms, prostate massaging to squirting, there are so many different ways to orgasm and you can get there without even using your hands! Maybe you’ve already explored this kind of stimulation with self pleasure toys? Whilst your hands and fingers can help you come, you can experience a different kind of orgasm by going hands free. We wanted to explore some of the best ways that you can have a hands-free orgasm.

Sex Toys

In our opinion, self pleasure toys are one of the best ways to climax hands free. There’s something out there for everyone. From vibrators to butt plugs, sex toys can enhance stimulation, bringing with them the ultimate O. Be creative with your positioning, straddle your device or lay it on the bed for some solo seduction. If you really want to explore the hands-free aspect, take a look at the ‘without hands’ vibrators and vacuum cups available. They’re comfortable and stay well positioned, so you can sit back and relax!

Your Partner

Simple. Use your partner! You don’t have to use your own hands if your partner is using theirs… or even their mouth. Communication is key, tell your partner what you like so that you can reach orgasm. Experiment with a variety of paces and positions for different sensations and you can even get them to use your self pleasure toys. Limitation by loosely tying your hands to the bed is also tantalising for a truly hands-free experience.

Dry Humping

This one often gets forgotten about, but no one should never underestimate the power of dry humping. The friction and pressure created can result in some of the most eye-rolling climaxes. Whether you’re rubbing against a partner, a toy or some silky material, take control to achieve the ultimate orgasm.

The Shower

For a relaxing and sensual experience, use the shower head as a hands-free self pleasure toy. Get yourself comfortable and let the water run over the most sensitive parts of your body. You can build up the tension but experimenting with water pressure too! Remember to keep an eye on the water temperature as you indulge.


Some people say that they can reach or at least get very close to orgasm whilst under a sensual trance. Being relaxed and in the moment is essential for this hands-free orgasm. Creating a fantasy of a past experience can help to get your mind in the zone. Even if you don’t orgasm from this method alone, you can use it as a variation of foreplay by yourself or with a partner. Once you’re almost there, use self pleasure toys to lead to a powerful orgasm.

We hope our tips have given you some exciting ideas to achieve the ultimate hands-free orgasm! If you’re interested in trying self pleasure toys but aren’t sure what’s for you, our monthly subscription box is the perfect solution! We specialise in sexual wellbeing gifts and toys, so you can find out exactly what you like. Take a look at our Instagram for more information or sign up today.

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