Saving Your Sex Life: Best Toys for Couples

Has your sex life become a little, well, un-sexy? If the answer is yes, then Satisfied Box can help you. Did you know that the easiest way to save your sex life, as recommended by sex therapists, is to try sex toys! If both parties are comfortable and keen in doing so, it can be a guaranteed way to spice up your love life and reignite that spark in the bedroom.

Sex toys not only spice things up but can allow you and your partner time to reconnect and take things back to basics. So, bored of the missionary position? It’s time you took the plunge. Here we discuss the best toys for couples.

Shopping for A Toy

Excitement can be introduced from the get-go when looking for the best toys for couples. Think about the variety you’d like to incorporate into your personal time together. It’s important that you discuss what you’d both like to try and what you’re looking for in a sex toy. It can seem a bit daunting to talk about sex in such full frontal terminology, but if you truly want to make a difference to your sex life, it’s the only way for improvement.

Look into the specifics. There are some toys that are better for clitoral orgasm, some for anal play and others better for exploring different erogenous zones you may not have thought of. You name it, there is probably a toy for it. Use it as an excuse to get each other riled up and feeling hot!

Read the Reviews

Be sure to read the reviews before you buy! Once you’ve got it, you can’t take it back, so research carefully before you indulge. The best toys for couples differ from person to person, so once you’ve established what you want from a toy, narrow it down by reading some reviews. If you really don’t know what you’re after, ask yourself:

· Do you want a toy to use on yourself, your partner or one that works on both of you at the same time?

· Do you want an external or internal toy?

· Do you want quiet or loud sex toy?

· Do you want a cheap toy or are you happy to spend a little more?

These questions should help you to decipher what you’re looking for!

Recommended Toys

Here are some of best toys for couples in our humble opinion.

Couple’s Vibrator

If you get pleasure from pleasuring each other simultaneously, this one is for you! You can create intense sensations for each other, using the device at the same time, or taking it in turns. Usually there is a penis shaped end to the vibrator, as well as a circular massager for the anus or balls – but use it how you will! With many different settings and sizes available, these vibrators have been built to create intense pleasure and connection between you both.

Pleasure Balls

If you’re looking to try something new, one of the best toys for couples are pleasure balls. The clever device doubles up as a pelvic floor trainer for a sensual, sexual experience. Slip them to your vagina during foreplay, while you pleasure your partner. The gentle vibrations created as you move will ensure strong orgasmic effects. You can also use this to massage each other’s erogenous zones during foreplay.

Cock Ring

Great for beginners, cock rings are cheap and easy to get hold of in your local drug store. A cock ring slides over the penis and the tiny vibrator stimulates your clitoris, whilst your on top or underneath. The best part is that he can feel the vibrations too. Experiment with different angles to get you close to climax. It’s portable, small and ideal for travel - you can literally pop it in your bag!

Get in Touch

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