Satisfied Sales: The Best Raunchy Reductions This January

With the New Year finally upon us, it’s a chance to grab ourselves a bargain or two in the January sales. There’s nothing like ordering yourself a few little treats whilst relaxing on the sofa with a glass of wine! Sex toys aren’t often the first thing we run off to buy in the sales, but it certainly should be. From health benefits to overall feel-good factor, it’s not just your wallet that will be left satisfied this month!

Here at Satisfied Box, we wanted to break down our favourite sex toys to keep an eye out for whilst the bargains are about! From essentials to naughty and niche, let’s take a closer look!


A bedroom essential and a worthy investment to any sex drawer; if you’re wanting to try playful restraint during sex, get yourself a pair of handcuffs! To start with, padded or fluffy are the safest way to go. You can always build up to metal, but soft is a good way to begin. Their versatility means you can attach them to most pieces of furniture and they’re fully adjustable for ultimate comfort.

Nipple Clamps

Nipple clamps are a brilliant sex toy that focus on a different erogenous zone to the ass or penis or vagina. The nipples are an extremely erotic part of the body for both males and females and can really heighten sexual arousal to help you to orgasm. If you don’t fancy clamps, you can take it down a notch with a tassel or stick jelly or ring. There are plenty to choose from - attach and enjoy!

Flavoured Massage Candle

Treat yourself and your partner! Melting candles made specifically for sex are amazing. Temperature play is exciting and can certainly switch things up for the new year! Drizzle a little on your partner’s skin, it won’t actually burn, but it’ll feel hot. Flavoured candles smell incredible and leave your skin fragrant and soft and you both completely satisfied!

Couple’s Vibrator

It’s one of the more unique sex toys, but if pleasuring each other simultaneously leaves you satisfied, this one is for you! You can create intense sensations for each other, using the device at the same time, or by taking it in turns. Usually there is a penis shaped end to the vibrator, as well as a circular massager - use both ends however you will! With many different settings and sizes available, these vibrators have been built to create intense pleasure and connection between you both. Definitely one worth getting in the queue for!

Sensation Bubbles

Haven’t heard of these before? Sensation bubbles are a type of anal bead. These sex toys certainly don’t disappoint and are slightly more slimline than the standard dildo or butt plug. You can get ones that vibrate, or if you prefer a suctioned pad, you can use some of these against a wall or on a surface. They’re a different sensation to typical penetration because they are dramatically ribbed into varying bubble-like shapes. They’re light, portable and are perfect for anyone looking to trying something new!

Get in Touch

We hope our January sale guide has got you in the mood! If you’re not sure exactly what would leave you satisfied, why not try our sex toy subscription box? Here at Satisfied Box, we offer plenty of choice with a monthly subscription of sex toys and sexual wellbeing gifts. This way, you (and your partner) can try lots of different options to find out what feels right! If you’d like a little more information, take a look at our Instagram or subscribe here!

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