Satisfied Discusses: The Best Lingerie for The Bedroom

Lingerie is a wonderful way to spice things up in the bedroom. Whether it’s for personal confidence or to treat your significant other, the right attire can certainly take things to the next level. But where to start? Here at Satisfied Box, we thought we’d detail some of our favourite lingerie tips and what to look out for to help you decide what you could try!

Confidence and Comfort

One of the best things about lingerie is that it can change your mind set in a matter of seconds. Whatever you’re feeling, a sexy set of underwear can lift your mood! To feel the benefits though, it’s important that you pick something that you feel comfortable in. If you’re comfortable, the confidence will come. Consider the materials that you like and what would be most flattering for your figure. For women, the most important aspect of lingerie is that they feel good in it. A great piece should highlight your best features! Whatever your figure type, the right garments can help to extenuate your boobs, bum, waist, or whatever it is you want to show off!

Be sure to find lingerie that is as comfortable to wear as it is sexy on. Anything too tight or itchy is a no go, believe us! During a passionate moment, it can actually be quite uncomfortable, which means you’ll be distracted in the moment. If you can, try before you buy and make sure everything feels comfy, then you’ll be able to go into your steamy session with confidence.

Easy Access

If you’re looking for lingerie that will keep you both satisfied, you need to consider ease of access during sex. This might sound like a given, but you’d be surprised at how many of us get tangled up when it comes to unveiling! Ask yourself, could I have sex in this? You want to be able to move freely, to get into any position necessary, without having to worry about adjusting every few seconds. As a basic rule, we’d say too many straps are a no go, as is anything skin-tight.

Don’t Break the Bank

At Satisfied, we would definitely recommend going for comfort over cost. Do some research, try on some beautiful garments and get to know what suits you. You definitely don’t want to be spending money on underwear without knowing what fits your figure. There are many affordable pieces of lingerie that look just as great as those really pricey pieces. However, if you do want to treat yourself it’s definitely a worthy investment.

The Ultimate Turn On

The right lingerie will be the ultimate turn on for your partner. When choosing your attire, take their preferences into consideration for the ultimate reaction. Factor what your partner likes into your lingerie purchase; if they’re a boob person, maybe a beautiful push up bra, or if they’re a bum person, a pair of lacy shorts that accentuates those cheeks!

Lingerie is a failsafe way to keep you both satisfied and your sex life exciting. If you’d like a little more information on how you can spice things up the bedroom, we can help you! At Satisfied Box, we offer a monthly adult subscription in which you receive lots of sexual wellbeing gifts. Contact us today for more information, we’d love to hear from you.

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