Satisfied Box gives a guide to the perfect pleasurable night in

Do you feel like you are stuck in a rut with your masturbating techniques? Satisfied Box explains how to experiment new ways to reach new heights of pleasure.

Falling into a routine whilst masturbating can sometimes take away the sensual experience and turn it into more of a chore, just another thing to tick off of the check list at the end of the day. You deserve to pay just as much attention to yourself, as you would to your other half. We understand how important it is to take time away and treat yourself. Here at Satisfied Box we have put together a guide to the perfect night ensuring you treat yourself and reach all of the right spots.

Start the evening the right way

Masturbation isn’t something that should be rushed into, to achieve the best results you need to take your time and really get yourself in the mood. Start by doing something relaxing, jumping straight from the computer to the bed sheets is hardly going to get you set at the seams. You need to unwind, de-stress and get ready for an evening of pleasure.

Treat yourself to something tasty, if you don’t feel like cooking, order a takeaway to save the hassle and the washing up. Then pour yourself a glass of wine, run yourself a bubble bath with infused salts and light a few candles, even read a magazine or a book.

Once you have reached your zen, put some of your favourite music on, songs that really make you feel yourself. Everyone knows it is important to look and feel good when impressing a partner and turning people on. Why not do this for yourself? Put on your sexiest lingerie to really get yourself feeling confident. Now lastly change the scenery, find a new place that isn’t the norm, leaving your usual spot can add excitement and enhance your experience.

Let’s get down to it

The most obvious way to kick things off, is with your choice of porn. There really is nothing wrong with watching mainstream porn, besides the interruption of adverts and dodgy editing. Investing in paid porn is often the way forward, using paid platforms allows you to get personalised experiences to really satisfy your kinks and desires. Try to experiment with porn that really engages all of your senses, rather than just visually.

Selecting your favourite toy can help to set the scene and help you start as you mean to go on. Pick a dildo or a vibrator (or both) and choose your favourite flavoured lube, lay down and get started. Now let’s be real, quick orgasms can sort of suck, pleasure is not a race or a competition. When you feel yourself on the edge of climax pull back and stop, edging is low effort with high levels of reward. The longer it takes to orgasm, the more powerful they usually are. This is why edging is so good for solo pleasure. Try out incorporating new and unexplored sensations whether that be using vibrators for indirect stimulation such as your nipples or experimenting with different temperatures such as ice or warm body wax.

After reaching your climax, make sure you make note and remember exactly what it was that you enjoyed and that satisfied you the most, so that you don’t waste time next time you have a moment to yourself.


There are so many sex toys to choose from it can sometimes be over whelming deciding which toy to choose from all of the available options, or maybe you just don’t have time to get down to the sex shop to purchase what you need. Satisfied box has got you covered with a monthly subscription box full of toys all to surprise, ready to satisfy you and meet your desires and needs. Head over to our website now to sign up to your first month’s subscription. Or take a look at our Instagram to get more insights as to what Satisfied Box is all about.

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