Satisfied Box Discuss: Sensual Massage for Beginners

Happy National Massage Day! Yes, that’s right, national massage day is 1st October, so what better time to shine the spotlight on sensual massage, the tools to use and how to incorporate it into foreplay. If you’re just starting out, then Satisfied Box is here to help you! The good news is that you really don’t have to be an expert to please your partner in this department.

The Basics and Benefits

Let’s start with the essentials. In sex, intimacy matters! Massage is a great way to take things back to basics and get intimate with one another. Not only does it add to sexual arousal, but it gives you relaxation like no other, boosting your overall health and wellbeing. Feel the aches, pains and daily stresses of the day melt away as you are massaged from head to toe by your partner – sounds good right? Take your sensual massage to the next level, by focusing on your/your partner’s favourite erogenous zones.

How Do I Give A Sensual Massage?

The great thing about sensual massage is that anyone can do it and you can use many tools to make that time together even more satisfying. Here at Satisfied Box, we say there is no right or wrong way to give a sensual massage. It really depends on personal preference – as long as it feels good and you’re getting to know each other’s bodies, you’re doing it right! There are, however, many things that can improve a sensual massage, especially if you’re using it as a form of foreplay.

The Best Techniques

Here are some of our recommended techniques to give your partner a massage they won’t forget.

Set the Mood:

This one is so important. Pick a place where you know you’ll both feel comfortable. Dim the lights, light a few aromatic candles, pour a glass of red. Put on a playlist of relaxing and sensual music and put down something soft for your partner to lay on. Afterall, this is a sensual experience, so the surrounding smells and textures will be important to the whole experience. This will help your partner to feel appreciated before the massage even begins.

Comfortable Clothing:

Instead of popping your dressing gown on, try something different! Loose fitting clothing is always good for a massage as it allows you to move freely if you’re giving the massage, but it also allows you to access your partners body with ease. If it’s silky, even better, it’ll not only look sexy, but the silk against your skin will heighten the sensual experience.

Pressure and Pleasure:

Like we said, you can’t really go wrong as everyone finds pleasure if different things. If you’re struggling, we at Satisfied Box say you can’t go wrong with the basic Shiatsu technique. Starting with the back, simply apply pressure to different part of the body using the palm of your hands and knead into specific areas with your thumb, moving in a circular motion. It can be applied anywhere on the body and is really relaxing.

Once you’ve covered the back and neck, you can focus on parts of the body that are often forgotten about. Think the ears, the inner thigh, the soles of the feet – these are actually some of the most stimulating parts of the body.

Tricks and Tools:

As the massage reaches new heights, keep in mind that you don’t have to use your hands to massage your partner. Be inventive; fragrance oils, massage rollers, sex toys and even your lips and tongue work a treat. Small kisses all over the body, stroking the chest, shoulders and back. Tracing ice over the body, dripping oil and even special wax can create a sensual and tantalising experience. Think outside the box a little, you’ll thank us later!

Get in Touch

If you’re thinking of trying sensual massage in the bedroom, why not subscribe to our monthly adult subscription box? We will give you a wide range of sex toys and sexual wellbeing gifts to try, so you can decide exactly what you like! At Satisfied Box, we can help you spice up your sex life; for more information, contact us here.

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