Satisfied Box: Anal Toy 101

No matter your gender or sexuality, everyone has a rectum and they can provide us with untold amounts of pleasure when using the right anal toy.

Anal play can add variety to your sexual experience as well as enhance both male and female orgasms. The best thing about anal play is that anyone can enjoy it. The opening is full of sensitive nerve endings that love to be stimulated.

Anal play really is great for all kinds of genders and sex. People with vaginas experience pleasure because the clitoral legs extend through to the anus. People with penises are lucky enough to be blessed with a prostate gland, which, when stimulated, can lead to intense orgasms.

Introducing toys is a good way to experiment with the many sensations of anal pleasure. Selecting an anal toycan seem a little daunting to some people at first, but here at Satisfied Box we have put together a 101 guide to starting your anal journey.

Anal Toy Rules

There are a couple of rules we need to make note of before we find the anal toy of your dreams. Always, always use lube before participating in any form of rectum play, we recommend silicone lubes for the most pleasurable experience. Another rule to bear in mind is always use a toy with a flared base, because no one wants to be having a trip to A&E late at night. Lastly relax and don’t rush, enjoy the experience.

Gauge your experience level

Size is the most important factor when it comes to anal toys, the biggest doesn’t always mean the best. It can be tempting to be over enthusiastic when choosing a toy, but you should always do so slowly. If you or your partner has used fingers for anal penetration before, then. This is a good way to determine what size toy you are going to want to introduce.

What’s next?

Now, there are a couple of other pressing questions that we need to get out of the way before you can go away and anal play to your hearts content.

What do you want it to do?– do you want the toy to stay still in you or do you want it to move around? This is a question you want to find out by experimenting, if you have a prostate then you might want a toy made for stimulating it, or perhaps you want a toy that is designed for penetration. So, what is the best toy for you?

Butt plugs–whether you’re a veteran or a beginner butt plugs are the most popular type of anal toy. For that category of people that like the toy to be left inside of them, they come in all different shapes, sizes, colours and materials. And, perhaps the best part, can be worn wherever whenever; during sex, during masturbation and even during the weekly shop.

Anal beads– now commonly and more safely made of silicon, anal beads are a fun and pleasurable option for couple or single play. They are floppy and can be manipulated of any which way you like. The good thing about anal beads is they are inserted one by one, so you can take your time to allow your body to get used to the sensation.

Prostate penetration– as the name states, funnily enough, prostate toys are made for people with prostates. They are designed to stimulate the gland with aim to produce unique pleasure and hopefully powerful orgasms. Prostate toys are aimed to work their magic hands free, g-spot toys can be used for prostate penetration as they are curved too, to give the best results.

Dildos – as long as a dildo has that all important flared base, they can also be used for anal play. However, dildos are often larger than butt plugs and other toys so ensure you can handle the length first… don’t get too ahead of yourself.

Hopefully this 101 has helped you to understand some of the beginner questions to anal toys. To start your anal experience head over to our subscription page now, to be guaranteed different sexual toys and wellness products every month. Why not take a look at our Instagram to become a part of a body and sex positive community.

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