Put A Spring in Your Step with A Sex Toy Subscription Box

Spring is in full bloom and with the change in season, comes welcome rejuvenation and change. Over the past year, we’ve experienced monotony like no other, with repeated lockdowns, remote working and for many, the same old routine day in day out. As things begin to return to a semblance of normality, many of us want to enjoy the freedom and let our hair down. Whether you’re single, dating or in a relationship, a sex toy subscription box is the perfect way to ring in the season of change, treat yourself and enhance one thing we all love, and that’s Sex!

Promoting Good Health

Did you know that sex is fundamental to promoting our overall health? The list of benefits includes:

· Lowering blood pressure

· Lowering risk of heart disease

· Decreased anxiety and stress

· Natural pain relief

· Aids better sleep

As well as aiding a healthy lifestyle, sex and masturbation makes us all feel good - a win, win in our opinion! Enhancing sex with a sex toy subscription box is brilliant way of introducing new and adventurous elements into your sex life. Having regular sex actually increases your libido and with lots of toys to try out, you’ll definitely be craving frequent sessions. Sex just twice a week can increase immunoglobulin A by 30%, strengthening your immune system significantly. You’ll be the picture of health in no time!

Reawaken Your Mojo

Talking of feeling good, as summer approaches, we all jump on the getting ‘summer ready’ bandwagon. Regular sex and masturbation helps to boost confidence and is a great form of exercise and natural release. They say you always feel better after a workout, well sex is a workout! During intercourse, blood flow increases around your erogenous zones, awakening those feel-good vibes. After orgasm, the release of oxytocin and increased levels of dopamine mean cortisol (the major stress hormone), is completely zapped from the body. That’s why you feel so relaxed and content after sex. It sounds like the secret to being prepared for summer is multiple orgasms - no complaints there! Your sex toy subscription box can comfortably help to explore different ways to achieve orgasm, both by yourself or with a partner!

Refresh Your Sex Life

Unfortunately, living the same routine day in, day out has snuffed the excitement in sex for many couples. Regaining the excitement and rekindling the intimacy is key to getting yourselves back on track. Surprising your partner with a sensual massage, a steamy make out session, or even touching and teasing each other until you can’t take anymore will get you in the mood in no time. Our advice is not to go all inwithout leading up to it, especially if you’re trying something new. Sex is so much better with a build-up; foreplay with a sex toy is not only guaranteed to get you hot under the collar, but it’s exciting to push a little out of your comfort zone!

Establish what you both want in the bedroom and take some time to research the toys you might like to try. If you’re not sure exactly what you like, a sex toy subscription box is a fantastic way to try out lots of different sex toys and sexual wellbeing gifts to really refresh your personal time.

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