Pleasure Toys for Women Who are Bisexual

This week, we’re sticking on the very important topic of world bisexuality day – which was yesterday! In our last blog, we took an in depth look at some of the best sex toys, this week, let’s hear it for the girls! Here at Satisfied Box, we thought we’d take a look at some of the best pleasure toys for women who are bisexual and what they can bring to your sex life. Let’s have some fun and get stuck in!

Clitoral Vibrator

Now ladies, we all know how clitoral stimulation can intensify an orgasm. So, why not try a vibrator that specialises in exactly that. Made with silky smooth silicone, this vibrator sucks and vibrates with gentle pulsations, targeting your clitoral nerve endings, with a featherlight caress. Hailed as one of the best pleasure toys for women and a guaranteed to help you achieve intense, full orgasm, this is game changer for both you and your partner.

Depending on the device you use, you will be treated to an array of different settings, with interchangeable silicone heads, offering different intensities, from a soft flutter to a constant pulse. Waterproof, discreet and chargeable, you can take this toy anywhere!

Double Ended Dildo

At a minimum of 12 inches, the double ended dildo is the perfect way to please both you and your partner. This versatile toy follows the natural curves of your body, and is perfect for when one of you wants to take control, or for when you want to ride together. Completely waterproof, submersible and flexible, these pleasure toys for women are perfect for those wanting to try temperature and water play. Be sure to use plenty of lube if you’re using in the bedroom. Affordable and easily accessible, with no need to charge, this toy boasts ultimate convenience.

Finger Vibrator

We would recommend the Dame Fin, but there are plenty of finger vibrators out there to try! Simply slip the silicone ring around your fingers and experiment… You can use all over the body, as well as the clitoris and vagina. Perfect for sensual foreplay, tease and tantalise before working yourself or your partner up to intense orgasm.

Usually the small tethers are optional, so you can choose to keep your vibrator in place during your session, or opt for a more flexible approach. Designed asymmetrically, these pleasure toys for women flip around to provide broader stimulation, based on your preference. You can explore a few different vibration speeds absolutely anywhere; this silicone device is easy to transport thanks to its small size. It even comes with a little storage bag and travel lock feature – handy!

Get in Touch

So, there you have it, some of our favourite toys for the girls. We hope this has given you some fun new toys to try! If you’re looking for more pleasure toys for women, why not try our adult monthly box? You’ll be treated to a box full of sex toys and sexual wellbeing gifts each month; perfect to spice up play with your partner or embark on your own self pleasure journey! If you’re interested, contact us here or for more information, head over to our Instagram.

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