Our Adult Monthly Box FAQ’s

An adult monthly box is not just an investment to a healthy sex life, it’s can also play a key part in your general wellbeing. Here at Satisfied Box, our DM’s are always open for questions and you’ve been asking away – which we love! We thought we’d answer the most popular queries on the list to help you on your journey of sexual discovery.

Can Sex Toys Help Your General Wellbeing?

Yes! Self-care is just as important as sexual wellbeing, in fact they come hand in hand, one supporting each other. Taking time to self-pleasure or indulge with your partner is good for your mental and physical health. Sex toys can help you achieve orgasm more intensely, which will release endorphins – those famous feel-good hormones! You’ll feel confident, less stressed and much more positive. Ever heard of that after sex glow? Well sex toys certainly give you that glow up.

What Is an Adult Monthly Box?

Our adult monthly box is full of sexual wellbeing gifts – from massage oils to vibrators, we have you covered. Satisfied Box is the perfect combination of sexual self-care and sensual moments. We say it’s the perfect pick me up for those that need to inject some sexual spark into their relationship, solo or with partners.

How Does an Adult Monthly Box Spice Up the Bedroom?

Our adult monthly box gives you an exciting treat to look forward to each month! You and your partner can look forward to spending time together trying out your new toys! An adult subscription box can help bring excitement and sensuality to the bedroom, enabling you to get to know each other even better.

What Do You Get Each Month?

Every 4 weeks, you will be sent a large and varied box of sexual wellbeing gifts. This could be any kind of sex toy, all the way to sensual things like candles, oils and lube. Every monthly box contains completely different treats. Whether you have a sexual partner or just love to enjoy your own time, this is the perfect subscription box for you.

How Much Is Satisfied Box?

We offer two pricing plans. If you’d like to try an adult monthly box for one month, it costs £45, as a one off payment. If you’re looking for long lasting pleasure however, then try out yearly subscription! It’s valid for 12 months and costs just £40 for each box.

Get in Touch

Now we’ve covered the basics, you can get stuck in! What are you waiting for? If you’re interested in our adult monthly box, then we’d love to hear from you! You can contact us here for more information or check out our Instagram.

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