New year, New you: How to Revitalise Your Sex Life

2021 has been a tough year for many. Lockdowns, on/off working from home, restrictions lifting and then re-appearing – it’s been difficult to know where we stand, let alone enjoy all those little things in life. (Sex being one of them, obviously). Your sex life has almost certainly felt the impact as much as your psyche!

Well, you know what they say. A new year is a fresh start, so be sure you make the effort to start 2022 with a bang! Here at Satisfied Box, we wanted to share our top tips on rejuvenating your sex life this new year.

Up the Affection

We’re all guilty of ditching the romance and affection day to day. Life gets busy and it’s easy to forget to take 5 minutes to truly appreciate your partner. When it comes to sex, it should be a special occasion. Did you know that women find it very hard to orgasm without a little lead up, so this could also fair you well when it comes to getting between the sheets. A few neck kisses, holding hands as you lead to the bedroom, stroking each other’s’ hair and telling each other what you like – it’ll have a huge impact on the kind of sex you have going forward.

Spend Time Syncing

Now, we don’t mean doing everything together, but little things to keep you in rhythm with each other can really help to refresh your sex life. Go to bed at the same time, wake up together, take time to cook and eat dinner together. Try a shared activity daily, even if it’s a quick walk around the block. You’ll be more in tune with each other’s needs, wants and moods, this will really help to bring you closer and you’ll feel more intimate.

Try New Things

Trying new sex toys is a fun way to explore together and can easily refresh your sex life. Talk about what you’re both comfortable with but switching is up is always a great place to start. Lube, oils and massage vibrators can be fun for you both and a great way to introduce sensuality and new excitement to the bedroom.

A sex toy subscription box is a great way to reignite the spark in your relationship. Each month you’ll be gifted an array of different sex toys and sexual wellbeing gifts, giving you some new toys to try and ensure you’re taking time out to connect with each other on a regular basis.

Keep your lines of communication open too! Discuss watching erotica, talk about fragrances and music that makes you horny or lighting that makes you feel sexy. Sexual interest rouses the brain and you’ll be asking yourself why you didn’t have these discussions last year!


Self-care comes in many different forms and look different for each person. If you’re not looking after yourself, you can’t be the best version of a partner. Take time out for yourself each day and ensure you have even just a small routine to keep your mind on track.

Exercise, eating well and getting enough sleep will play a huge part in your overall sexual health. If you’re too tired for sex, or your libido is generally low, you need to increase your energy levels and find you groove again. Stepping outside for a daily 20 minute walk, 2 litres of water and a minimum of 7 hours sleep a night will really help to get you back on track with a fruitful sex life.

Get in Touch

We hope this has given you some great ideas for revitalising your sex life in 2022! For more information on Satisfied Box head over to our subscription page or take a look at our Instagram today.

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