Masturbation Month: Top Tips and Pleasure Toys for Me

It’s May! Which means one thing, masturbation month is here - not that we needed an excuse to masturbate! Self-pleasure is something we shouldn’t be shy to talk about, it is perfectly natural, liberating and lets face it, pleasure is the perfect way to unwind. Here at Satisfied Box, we wanted to talk through our top masturbation tips and recommend the sex toys that can enhance some self-indulgence. So, if you’re sat there thinking ‘pleasure toys for me sound great, but where do I start?’, carry on reading.

Before You Start

It’s important to note that before you start, you’ve got to be in that zone. The sensuality and lead up to an orgasm play a huge part in the quality of climax you have. Taking the extra time to create a certain ambience will really pay off. Simple things like having a warm bath, and moisturising your body afterwards is a great start. Draw the curtains, light a few candles, put some relaxing music on. Create your ultimate atmosphere.

Don’t dive straight for your buzzer, if you know what we mean. Build up to it. Begin with a neck massage, stroke your hands down your body, appreciate the sensations that you’re experiencing. Gently massaging your thighs, your breasts, your bum, whatever feels good! Create a lead up to the main event and you’ll find your orgasm will be stronger.


It’s certainly hard to resist but it can result in a mind-blowing, extended orgasm. Edging is bringing yourself to the point of climax and stopping, until that euphoric feeling goes away. After a short break, you then work up to it again and repeat. You can do this as many times as you like. It’s a great way to tease yourself during masturbation. The cycles of stimulation result in a satisfying, prolonged orgasm. You can easily bring yourself to this point with your fingers, or if you’re feeling daring, you can indulge with a sex toy. Search pleasure toys for me and get clued up on all you options!

Pleasure Toys for Me to Enhance Masturbation

Here are our top 5 sex toys to try during masturbation:

Massage Egg

Also known as a vibrating egg – it’s small, discreet and perfect for stimulating those hard-to-reach areas. You can also get larger sizes and others that are slightly curved, to ensure the most pleasurable masturbation experience. Made from soft silicone, it’s comfortable and feels amazing against your skin.

Non-Slip Dildo

From suctioned bases, to wall attachments, a non-slip dildo is a great masturbation toy! Available in countless lengths, sizes and materials, they ensure satisfying penetration and G-spot stimulation, whilst you work on other areas of you body. Their portability means you can use them just about anywhere.

Massage Gel

Massage gel can increase the sensuality throughout your me time. There are many different textures and fragrances to consider in these serums, so choose something that really appeals to you! Warming massage gels are a fantastic way to experience different sensations during masturbation too. This magic liquid can be used anywhere on the body and washes off easily after use.

Get in Touch

You may still be thinking ‘pleasure toys for me look great, but there’s so much choice!’ Here at Satisfied Box, we offer a monthly sexual health and wellbeing subscription. Every 4 weeks, you will receive wonderful gifts to enhance both sexuality and sensuality! For more information, contact us here.

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