How Temperature Play Can Reignite Your Sex Life

If you haven’t experienced temperature play before, you’re missing out! If you’re looking to relight that fire or reignite the spark it could be the best thing you’ve ever tried when it comes to the bedroom. It’s easy, it’s sensual and it’s hot!

Fun Foreplay

Foreplay is such a major part of sex for many people. Temperature play can help to keep things fresh, fun and introduce you to new sensations before or during sex. We’ve all been guilty of jumping straight to the main event, without making the most of the touching and teasing. Foreplay can help you to reach those mind-blowing orgasms we hear about, but don’t tend to experience as often as we’d like!

What is Temperature Play?

Temperature play generally consists of heat or cold to stimulate the skin and provoke a sensual reaction. It’s often combined with blindfolding to increase the sensation. The main aim is to provoke arousal by using the skin's neuroreceptors. Stimulation through heat or cold gives the body a rush of sensations that can bring arousal during foreplay.

It can be exciting to combine hot and cold. So, don't just limit yourself to ice or whipped cream from the fridge. Warm liquids like molten wax and oils, designed specifically for sensual play are a welcome treat. You can even consider melted chocolate and edible syrups to make the experience even more enjoyable for you both!

What Else Can I Use?

Alongside everyday items, like those listed above, sex toys are incredible for temperature play. Be sure that your chosen device is safe to be chilled or heated up, but they usually retain temperature very well if they’re made from metal or glass. Specific BDSM dripping candles are great to experiment with too, just be sure to test the temperature of the wax on your finger first. No one wants a nasty burn from what was supposed to be a night of passion!

How Do I Do It?

It all depends on what floats your boat! You can make some amazing DIY temperature play tools – take ice cubes for example. The cold temperature can add to any sexual encounter, adding extra stimulation on whatever part of the body you choose to rub over.

You could melt a little chocolate, take it to the bedroom and blindfold your partner. Slowly drip the chocolate on their body and seductively lick it off; the heat and stimulation you’re your tongue will be a sensual overload! Playing between hot and cold temperatures can be a very exciting experience for the recipient as well. The unpredictability will drive them wild, not knowing what’s coming next. It’s as simple as that, with temperature play you never have to think too far out of the box.

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