How Pleasure Toys Can Spice Up Your Socially Distanced Sex Life

It’s safe to say we’re used to the lockdown lifestyle by now. As frustrating as is it, a lot of us have been, shall we say, indulging in the newfound free time! There’s nothing wrong with doing your research and spicing up your sex life, even if it’s from a distance. It’s common knowledge that a healthy and fruitful sex life aids physical and mental well-being.

Remember, sex can be stress relieving and confidence boosting, so whether you’re by yourself or quarantining with a partner, we suggest forgetting the stresses of the world right now. Here at Satisfied Box, we wanted to share the ways that pleasure toys can spice up your socially distanced sex life!

Solo Indulgence With Pleasure Toys

If you’ve been in lockdown alone, why not take this time to enjoy the finer things in life? That’s right, we’re talking solo sex. There are lots of ways you can experiment with this, but one of the most satisfying ways is through pleasure toys. There is absolutely no shame in a helping hand; so why not take the opportunity to find a toy you love?

There are countless options for every need and occasion. It is a highly individual choice and will depend on what you want from a sexual experience. We recommend checking out product reviews. Consider the type of stimulation you like and if you don’t know, there’s only one way to find out! There’s something for everyone and it’s an investment to your wellbeing. Make sure you’re making the most of self-love during lockdown, it’s the perfect way to unwind and spice up your alone time!


If you and your partner are having to isolate in separate households, then there is an extremely simple solution to spicing up your sex life. We’re sure you’ve heard of sexting. If done right, it could be the spark that lights your lockdown fire.

Sending a nude to your partner can instigate a steamy session, and you could go one step further by facetiming your partner for a live experience. Using pleasure toys to enhance your socially distanced sex life is a genius idea for a real-time encounter. Whilst your partner is creating a heavenly vision for you, you can physically stimulate this fantasy at the same time. Pleasure toys such as vibrators and flesh lights are perfect for this! Thank god for technology!

Schedule Sex

If you’re lucky enough to be in lockdown with a partner, make sure you’re taking the measures to spend time with each other. It could be a romantic date night, or a sensual massage but make the time for each other and keep it interesting. Working from home can leave you both tired and it becomes easy to forget that sex is an essential, emotional release.

Using pleasure toys can really make a difference here. Trust us, knowing that you’re going to have a good time later, makes getting through your daily zoom meetings a lot easier! Communicate and tell each other what you what you want to try. It’ll help you both get the most out of your time together! Toys like hot dice are a fun way to heat things up and let your hair down a little. Take a look at our other blogs for some saucy inspiration!

One of the best ways to find out what you both like is through a sex toy subscription. We offer lots of different pleasure toys and sexual wellbeing gifts from month to month. It’s the perfect solution to spicing up your socially distanced sex life. For more information, take a look at our Instagram or sign up today.

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