Exciting His and Hers Toys to Try This Valentine’s Night

It’s that time of year again when love is in the air. What better way to show your partner you care than to get them a little something that they can enjoy all year round? Something that lasts longer than chocolate or flowers, that you can both enjoy! With all of us at home this Valentine’s Day, it’s the perfect time to mix things up a little. Exciting his and hers toys are the perfect gift for your partner (and you) to spice things up this weekend! Here at Satisfied Box, we wanted to give you our guide to some of the most romantic gestures you could give you beau this Valentine’s Day, making sure you hit the spot.

Initiative is Sexy

Before you buy your partner their intimate gift, take time to pick something just right. His and hers toys are a personal choice, but you know your partner better than anyone else. Use your initiative and take into account what they like in the bedroom to help you to make the right decision. Remember, you want your partner to feel sexy and fulfilled from the experience. Your partner will be thrilled that you have picked something so naughty but nice on their behalf.

Set the Scene

Go all out and set the scene before diving between the sheets. It is Valentine’s Day after all. Before you give you partner their gifts, open a bottle of your favourite wine and light some candles to help you both relax and unwind. It’s the perfect opportunity for some flirty or even dirty talk. Build up to some sensual, steamy foreplay before using your new gifts and you’ll both be raring to try them out.

Firm Favourites

There is plenty of choice when it comes to his and hers toys. Keep both your preferences in mind and you won’t go wrong. You’ll be surprised at how many limited-edition designs are released around Valentine’s Day. We would definitely recommend getting something that will not only feel nice but is aesthetically pleasing too! Here are some of our favourites:

Sensual Jewellery

This is the perfect Valentine’s gift. Not only does it look pretty but it’s extremely versatile. In our opinion, the best pieces to go for are the necklaces. They come on a long chain, with a slimline bullet as the feature piece. They’re discreet, sexy and the perfect accessory for date night.

All in One Prostate Stimulator and Cock Ring

This multifunctional sex toy is specifically designed for male pleasure. You can get these devices in many sizes, but the best bit is its dual stimulation. It not only vibrates but is heated for your pleasure too.

Sucking Toys

These are perfect his and her toys. Both stimulate oral sex and are also perfect for amazing foreplay. These toys are silicone based, chargeable and have different speed settings. The devices suck, contract and vibrate - the male version comes with a wider silicone hole and the female version a smaller hole. Perfect for an equally pleasurable night in!

Subscription Box

Now this is the gift that keeps on giving and especially great if you’d like to get experimental. With lots of different his and hers toys, it can really help you both discover what you like between the sheets. Choose how long you’d like the subscription for and spice up your sex life month to month!

At Satisfied Box, we offer his and hers toys and sexual wellbeing subscriptions, delivered straight to your door. If this sounds like the perfect Valentine’s gift, head over to our subscription page or for more information, take a look at our Instagram.

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