4 Sensuality Tips to Leave You Satisfied

Never underestimate the power of sensuality. It can actually be the catalyst to incredible sex. There’s a common misconception that penetration is the best part of the experience – yes, in some cases that’s true. But for many women, the experience is intensified by the build-up and how they feel within themselves during intercourse is what can make all the difference. Here are our top tips on sensuality to guarantee you’re satisfied in the bedroom.

Get Out of Your Head

Quite simply, get out of your head and into your body. To really enjoy yourself, stop thinking about what has happened during your day, or what you’ve got to do tomorrow. Don’t let your brain get distracted. To feel satisfied, you have to let go and enjoy the moment. Sensuality is found in the body, not the mind, so draw your attention to your body and the sensations that you’re experiencing. We spend most of the day thinking, with thoughts racing through our minds. Allow yourself to turn off the noise and focus on you and the pleasure you’re feeling.

Slow It Down

Sure, fast hard sex can be amazing and sometimes, it’s the release we need. Other times, the key to feeling satisfied is through slowing it down. Sensual sex takes time. You can’t connect with your body, let alone someone else if you’re rushing from one thing to another. Bring your awareness to the room and then to your body, from there you’ll be able to tell your partner what feels good and what you enjoy. The slow pace means more build-up, more sensitivity and that’s a turn on.

Discover What You Love

The first two tips will help you on your journey to this discovery. Once you’re relaxed and comfortable, you’ll be more in tune with your body. Whether you’re indulging in solo sex, or with a partner, explore and experiment if you want! It can be as simple as changing up the pace or using some stimulating sex toys. Learn what makes you tick and show your partner what you’ve discovered. This is a steadfast way to sensuality and your partner will love to know they’re leaving you satisfied every time.

Self-Care Is Sensual

Taking care of yourself is a huge factor in successful sensuality. Nourish, nurture and treat yourself like you deserve to be treated. Feeling good about yourself positively impacts your sexual mindset, which for many of us goes hand in hand with feeling sexually satisfied.

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